Propane Prices – How Much Are You Paying for Propane Service?

Cooking generally uses lower propane volumes than home heating appliances which can impact customer propane prices.Many homeowners use propane to heat their home. Propane prices can significantly impact a household budget.  A typical home equipped with propane heating and cooking appliances can use over 1,000 gallons of propane per heating season. A larger home equipped with propane heating, cooking, clothes drying, spa and swimming pool heating appliances, can use well over 2,000 gallons per heating season. The cost to heat a propane home and use propane appliances within a home depends on the volume of propane used and the propane prices paid.

Heating your home with propane can be very expensive. Many homeowners are new to propane heating service and are not familiar with the process of selecting a propane supplier that will provide excellent service at competitive LP Gas Prices. was created to help all homeowners that use propane fuel for heating understand the important topic of propane pricing. Saving money starts with monitoring the cost of propane. The propane cost information in this website is presented in ten sections:

Home furnaces can use more propane which may impact customer propane prices.We recommend that each section be read in the order presented above. The first section will provide a list of frequently asked questions regarding residential LP Gas Prices. The second section provides link access to our “Propane Price Tips” to help propane consumers obtain Propane prices that are highly competitive. The third section provides a link that will take you to the website “”. This website provides a survey of Current Propane Prices shared by residential propane consumers across the United States. This is a great tool to compare the Propane prices paid by other propane consumers in your state/county. The fourth section provides information pertaining to purchasing a propane tank. The fifth section addresses propane buying groups. The sixth section will provide a brief summary of changes that have occurred to cost of propane across the United States during the past week (available Oct-Mar period only). The seventh section will take you to our “Offseason Propane Service Checklist” for propane service issues to address during the summer months. The eighth section addresses the issue of propane price notification for consumers that lease a suppliers propane tank. The ninth section provides very important information for new propane customers. The final section provides discussion on fixed vs. variable propane price plans.

Propane Prices Quick Summary (EIA Data – Price/Gallon)

  • Mar. 04,  2019 – U.S. Avg. Residential Propane Price $2.42
  • Mar. 11,  2019 – U.S. Avg. Residential Propane Price $2.41
  • Mar. 18,  2019 – U.S. Avg. Residential Propane Price $2.41

Weekly propane price changes and ending propane price values are approximate. Periodically, propane prices are retroactively adjusted week-to-week to reflect updated values.

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