Ask Local Propane Suppliers For Historical Propane Pricing

As we enter the year 2016, it makes sense to evaluate your propane supplier in the areas of historical propane pricing and propane service to determine if you can make any changes to decrease your propane cost and/or improve your propane service.   Perhaps you may be dealing with a propane supplier that you learned has significantly overcharged you in the past.  Perhaps your current propane supplier has failed in the area of propane deliveries or other service related matters.  All of these factors should be considered when evaluating your propane service.

In the area of propane pricing, if you do not have your propane supplier invoices carefully organized by date, contact your propane supplier and request a print-out of historical propane pricing that has applied to your account.  A print-out listing of 24 to 36 months of historical propane pricing is sufficient for evaluation and comparison purposes.  Your supplier should be able to drop that information in the mail to you.

Contact other local propane suppliers and ask them to mail you a listing of their propane pricing for the same general time frame.  You will need to let the other propane suppliers in the area know two pieces of information: (1) Your annual propane consumption and, (2) Your propane tank ownership information (do you own your propane tank or rent a tank from your current supplier?).  It is not necessary to share your current or past propane pricing as you are interested in finding each propane supplier’s propane pricing to compare to your current suppliers propane pricing for the past two to three years.

Your goal should be collecting and viewing a completely unbiased, impartial list of the historical supplier propane pricing that has applied to your local area for comparison purposes.

When asking local propane suppliers for historical propane pricing information, some suppliers across the country openly post current propane pricing and historical propane pricing information on their respective websites. This clearly shows that these propane suppliers are transparent with propane pricing information and should be given extra consideration when evaluating a list of propane suppliers with the goal of choosing a propane supplier.