Choosing Will-Call Propane Delivery

Most propane home heating customer have the opportunity to choose between two types of propane home delivery. One option is ‘will-call propane delivery’ and the another option is ‘automatic propane delivery’.  The following explains will-call delivery and the main pros and cons applicable to this propane delivery option.

Many propane consumers are unaware that choosing one delivery option over another may have an impact on a homeowners propane pricing.

With will-call propane delivery,  the propane home heating customer is responsible for monitoring available propane at his or her home and placing a telephone call to his or her propane supplier when a delivery is needed.

The most significant pro and con when considering will-call propane delivery include the following:

Pro: When a will-call delivery homeowner determines that a propane delivery is needed, the homeowner makes a telephone call to his or her propane supplier and requests a delivery.  During the telephone call to request a delivery, the homeowner simply asks the supplier for the propane price per gallon that will apply to the delivery.  If the supplier does not openly post current propane pricing on it’s website, the ability to learn the propane price before each delivery becomes very important.  This gives the homeowner the ability to make some telephone calls to other local propane suppliers before each delivery to compare the propane price per gallon to ensure that it is competitive.

Con: A homeowner that chooses will-call propane delivery service must be prepared for the time and commitment to monitor the available level of propane at regular intervals.  In extremely cold climate areas, the homeowner may need to make frequent visits to the propane tank (or tanks) on the property to monitor the level of available propane.  However, some electronic devices are available that transmit the propane tank balance information to the homeowner and/or the homeowners chosen propane supplier 24/7.

Since most propane suppliers choose not to openly post current propane pricing per gallon on supplier websites, this is a non-issue for will-call propane delivery customers. This is because the homeowner can simply ask the propane price per gallon that will apply to the propane delivery at the time the delivery request telephone call.

All propane consumers should find out and compare the propane price per gallon before each propane delivery.  With will-call propane delivery, a customer simply asks for the propane price per gallon that will apply to the requested delivery.  As noted above, the trade-off is assuming the responsibility of monitoring the available propane level in the onsite propane tank or propane tanks.

While many home heating propane customers do not realize that the propane delivery choice can impact propane pricing, many customer concerns can be eliminated if a customer chooses a propane supplier that operates a website that includes current propane price per gallon information 24/7.

Suggestion: Before starting propane service with any local supplier, find out if one or more local suppliers post current propane pricing on it’s website.  Some propane suppliers do openly post current propane pricing on their websites. This gives current and potential customers the ability to view the suppliers current propane price per gallon (applicable to various tier rates, applicable to customer owner vs. leased tank customers, etc.) at any time 24/7.  With this valuable information posted on the supplier website, more customers would feel more comfortable choosing the automatic propane delivery option.

Overpaying by ten cents to twenty cents per gallon for a 500 gallon delivery, for example, can result in overpayment of fifty to one-hundred dollars for one delivery.  This is significantly more than overpaying for a quart of milk or loaf of bread by a few cents at the local grocery store.  Protect yourself from unethical propane suppliers by carefully monitoring and verifying that your propane price per gallon is competitive before each delivery.

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