Forklift Propane Cylinder Pricing

Some propane suppliers offer two types of forklift propane cylinder delivery services:

  1. Propane cylinder exchange where a propane supplier will visit the customer location on a regular basis and exchange empty propane cylinders for full propane cylinders, or
  2. Propane cylinder ‘onsite filling’ services.  The method of your propane supplier’s propane cylinder delivery may impact how much you pay for each propane delivery.

What are the customer pros and cons of receiving forklift propane deliveries by cylinder exchange or receiving propane cylinder deliveries through ‘onsite propane cylinder filling’ at a customer location?

Regardless of the type of forklift propane fuel delivery PROPANE SAFETY IS ALWAYS THE TOP PRIORITY.  It makes sense to contact your local propane fire inspector to request an onsite visit to review your propane delivery and storage methods to make sure both processes are safe.  Your local fire inspector may determine that propane cylinder exchange is safer than onsite propane cylinder filling and require that your supplier change to a propane cylinder exchange delivery system.  Furthermore, your propane supplier may require an adjustment to your onsite storage method (i.e. moving the storage inventory to a safer location on your property, add bollard protection to protect the area from vehicle traffic or inform you that you need additional secure propane cylinder storage cages).

After your propane delivery and storage systems have been approved by the local fire department, it makes sense to consider your best value for propane cylinder deliveries. Regardless of the type of delivery, you should be aware of your forklift propane cylinder pricing.

If receiving propane forklift cylinder exchange, your propane supplier is likely charging you by the propane cylinder – which makes sense.

If your propane supplier is making propane deliveries by filling each of your forklift cylinders onsite, check to see if your supplier is charging you by the propane cylinder or by the propane gallon. If your supplier is charging you by the cylinder, it is possible that some of the forklift propane cylinders contain some residual propane before the propane filling process starts and you may be double paying for the propane that was present in the cylinder before the filling process started (common if the forklift employees feels that a forklift cylinder is almost depleted and exchanges the cylinder before it is empty to avoid running out of propane across the property away from the cylinder cages).  Therefore, it makes sense to request that a propane supplier that fills forklift propane cylinders onsite bill you by the gallon.  This will ensure that you are only paying for what you are receiving – and not double paying for any residual amount of propane that may have been in the propane cylinder that may have been paid for following a propane delivery at an earlier date.

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