Notify Propane Supplier of Home Heating System Changes

Summer is a common time of year to perform home improvements.  While some home improvements may be relatively minor, other home improvements can be quite extensive.  Minor home improvements generally involve painting and decorating relating changes.  Extensive home improvements may involve adding bedrooms or bathrooms and renovating bathrooms and kitchens.

Homeowners that use propane for home heating should be sure to notify their propane supplier of home renovations projects that involve a change to propane consumption. If a second level is added to the home, it is very possible that another furnace or heating appliance may have been added to the home.  In this case, propane consumption is likely to increase.  This is exactly why a propane supplier needs to be aware of home improvement changes that may impact propane consumption.  If propane consumption increases, the supplier may need to adjust their computer system to anticipate additional deliveries to the same home since the home will consumer more propane in the future.

If home renovation projects result in higher propane consumption and the supplier is not notified, the homeowner may run out of propane when cold weather arrives.  Therefore, make sure that you contact your supplier regarding propane consumption changes before the arrival of cold winter weather.