Learn About Propane Price E-Mail Groups

Many home heating propane consumers are aware that propane suppliers typically choose not to publicly post propane prices on their company website.  This can be a source of frustration for many propane consumers since they may be accepting propane deliveries without advance knowledge of the propane price per gallon before each delivery.  This problem may be compounded since recent historical propane prices may not be readily accessible on competing supplier websites for propane consumers to obtain supporting information showing that they may have been overcharged for a recent propane delivery.

Accepting delivery of any product without knowledge of the price prior to each delivery, propane included, can put a consumer at risk of overpaying for a product.

One possible solution to this problem is to start a ‘propane price e-mail group’ with other propane consumers in your area.  Typical participants in propane price e-mail groups may include friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors in your area.  Anyone who uses propane for home heating and other household uses in your area.

While propane price e-mail groups may not provide exact propane pricing information applicable to your account, propane price e-mail groups can provide valuable competitive information to learn what other propane consumers are paying per gallon for propane in your area.

The first step in organizing a propane price e-mail group involves contacting trusted propane consumers in your area that use propane for home heating, cooking and other household uses  (barbecue propane cylinder pricing is a different pricing category and should be excluded). The second step is to create and distribute a standard e-mail format for each participant to communicate propane price information to the other members of the group following each delivery.  This will cause the information to be submitted in a consistent format making it easier for all group members to review and understand.

The e-mail format should include areas to enter the date of delivery, the number of propane gallons delivered, the propane price per gallon, additional delivery fees that may apply to the delivery, the name of the propane supplier and information showing if the customer owns the propane tank or leases the propane tank from their supplier. This information should be e-mailed to all of the other e-mail group participants within 24 hours of each consumers propane delivery. With this method of consumer propane price communication, each participant receives competitive propane price information on a regular basis for comparison purposes.

A propane price e-mail group will help all of the participants maintain competitive information regarding local propane pricing.  The e-mail group also reduces the amount of time each participant may have been spending  making frequent propane supplier telephone calls to find local propane pricing information before each propane delivery.

After a period of time, it may become clear that one specific propane supplier is offering the lowest propane pricing on a consistent basis.   This may result in some of the propane price e-mail participants changing service to that specific lower propane price supplier.

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