Propane Prices By State (Source: EIA)

View propane prices by state as per EIA residential propane price surveys.  Propane prices by state are updated weekly during the winter heating season between October and March of each year.  The propane price survey results are not exact and can vary widely by propane supplier.

Note that the propane prices by state shown below do not include specific information related to each consumers propane purchasing patterns.  For example, the information shown for the United States and for each individual state does not include propane tank ownership details, specific annual volumes purchased, the specific applications of propane among other details.

Propane consumers are strongly encouraged to use additional propane price checking methods to supplement the propane price information shown by state (below).  Checking propane prices in a variety of ways helps gain a better understanding of propane pricing.  Visit our page with a list of Frequently Asked Propane Pricing Questions to learn additional ways to check and compare your propane price per gallon to ensure that it is indeed competitive before each future propane delivery arrives.

United States Data:

Individual State Data

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