Propane Supplier Fees

Propane supplier fees can vary widely between propane suppliers.  In fact, when identifying propane company profiles on the Internet, many propane suppliers clearly differentiate themselves from their competition by pointing out that they do not charge various propane supplier fees.

When a homeowner or a company interviews various propane suppliers to provide propane service, it is a good idea to raise the topic of propane supplier fees.  Prospective customers should interview each propane company and create a list of fees that each company charges it’s customers.

Propane supplier fees may include delivery fees, propane hazmat fees, propane price protection fees, fuel surcharge fees and other fees. Prospective customers should find out the following information pertaining to propane service fees when interviewing prospective propane suppliers:

  1. Find out the exact amounts that are collected for each fee.
  2. Find out the frequency that each service fee is collected.  Are the fees billed to customers based on time increments (monthly or annually) or are the fees charged based on some type of service activity (i.e. each delivery, etc.).
  3. Since propane service fees may be changed over a period of time, find out if the company has any propane service fee increases scheduled.

When considering various propane suppliers for service, it makes sense to consider the total cost for propane service.  Potential customers should view the entire package including the propane services being performed by each supplier and the total cost to render those services.