Propane Tank Permit Fees

Some local fire and building departments require that all consumers installing a bulk propane tank within their jurisdiction obtain initial installation approval and make payment of an initial permit fee before propane tank installation approval is granted.  In addition, a propane tank installation may be subject to ongoing propane tank permit renewal fees in the future (annually, for example).

To avoid incurring propane tank permit fee penalties, propane consumers should contact their propane supplier and/or their local fire and building departments to find out about any propane tank permit fees that may apply to their propane tank installation.  While researching this matter, it is important to remember that more than one agency may require approval and/or payment of permit and inspection fees.

If researching propane tank permit fees directly with your local building and/or fire department, you will likely be asked to provide your property address and the capacity of the propane tank being installed (or has already been installed).  If propane tank permit fees apply, the agency contacted should be able to direct you to the office that oversees the permitting process and the collection of the propane tank permit fees.  The same office should be able to answer your questions related to future permit renewal fees, if
applicable, and provide information if other local government agencies require propane tank permitting procedures.

If propane tank permit fees are required in your area, contact your propane supplier to inquire about the party responsible for the payment of the permitting fees.  In most cases the propane supplier’s service contract will clearly state the permit fees are the responsibility of each customer.  Propane suppliers typically do not include propane tank permit fees in their propane prices, therefore, permitting fees will typically be paid directly to the government agency requesting payment.

If propane tank permit fees are required in your area, and your propane suppliers’ contract clearly states that each customer is responsible for the payment of the fees, it makes sense to contact the other competing propane suppliers in your area to learn about their propane tank permit fee payment policy.  In some cases, a propane supplier may offer to share in the permitting fee cost if you switch your propane service to that supplier.  You may also find that the suppliers propane prices are highly competitive compared to your current propane supplier creating more incentive to switch propane suppliers.

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