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Some propane consumers become frustrated with being locked into one propane supplier’s propane service and propane prices as a result of leasing a propane supplier’s propane tank.  As a result, some of these propane consumers decide to take control of their propane service by suppliers that offer propane tanks for sale.  Propane tank ownership gives control to propane consumers with the primary benefit being the option to call multiple propane suppliers when a propane refill is needed and order propane from the supplier offering the lowest current LP Gas Prices.

Propane consumers considering purchasing a propane tank should contact local propane suppliers that offer propane tanks for sale to obtain a propane tank purchase and installation quote.  Multiple propane suppliers should be contacted to obtain multiple propane tank purchase and installation quotes for comparison purposes.  Although your propane supplier will oversee the installation, the following list includes a general reference of some items to be researched and considered in the process of purchasing and installing a residential propane tank:

(1) In all cases, without exception, all propane tank installations should be made by a qualified propane service company.  A safe installation by a qualified propane technician is critical.

(2) Purchase a new propane tank.  A new propane tank will have fresh paint, a new functional gauge and freshbrass fittings.  Make sure that the propane supplier selling you the tank clearly notes the warranty period following the tank installation on your receipt paperwork.

(3) Propane Tank Sizes: It is important to consider propane tank sizes when researching propane tanks for sale.  Propane tanks are sold based on ‘water capacity’, which is basically the propane volume that the propane container will store (tanks are typically filled to 80% of capacity to function safely).  The propane tanks for sale will fall in two main categories: (1) Propane Bottles or Propane Cylinders and (2) ASME Propane Tank.  Propane cylinders will typically be exchanged when a propane refill is needed while ASME propane tanks are typically designed for onsite loading when a propane refill is needed.  Most propane bottles range between approximately five gallons (standard BBQ size) to twenty-five gallons.  Most ASME propane containers for residential use range between one hundred and twenty gallons to one thousand gallon capacity. Common ASME propane containers are two hundred and fifty to five hundred gallons. The balance of this page will refer to ASME propane tanks for sale.

(4) Propane Container Location:  Most cities and counties have established guidelines
that apply to propane tank installations.  Most rules within the guidelines are designed to enhance safety and minimize the visibility of the propane tank.  The positioning of the propane tank relative to vehicle traffic, building structures, underground piping safety and potential sources of ignition are typically reviewed and approved by local building and fire officials before granting propane tank installation approval.  In addition,  your local propane supplier can provide guidance regarding the proximity of the propane tank to the delivery truck staging location for future propane refills.  In most cases, propane consumers should purchase the largest capacity tank approved for installation providing maximum capacity to take advantage of LP Propane Prices that may be favorable when propane refills are needed in the future.

(5) Propane Tank maintenance: Following the purchase of a propane tank, after any warranty period, the homeowner becomes responsible for propane tank maintenance and repairs (painting and replacing fittings in the future).  Call the tank manufacturer to inquire about any periodic tank maintenance for your new tank.  As noted above,
purchasing a new propane tank will minimize the need for maintenance in the early years following the purchase.

(6) Retain the propane tank ownership records in a safe place.  At some point, if you decided to sell your home, you want to have proof that you own the propane tank.  This will make it easier for the next owner of your home to show propane suppliers that they own the propane tank – providing the opportunity for multiple suppliers to provide price quotes and provide future propane refills.

Upon completion of the propane tank purchase and installation, homeowners begin to realize the benefits of shopping for the best propane cost before ordering a propane refill. In addition, homeowners that own their tank can order summer fill deliveries from the local supplier offering the lowest LP gas prices.

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