Propane for Water Heating

Propane consumers use this fuel for a variety of household uses.  Propane water heating is a common application.

When using propane water heating, it is important to pay attention to the pricing that your propane supplier is charging.  Obviously, propane for water heating is going to consume less fuel than a propane consumer that uses propane for home heating, cooking, water heating, pool and spa heating among other uses.  However, this does not mean that a propane consumer should pay astronomical propane prices.

How does a propane consumer using propane water heating determine if his or her price is significantly higher than other consumers using propane for the same application?  As noted in other areas of this website, it is very important to learn your propane price in advance of your delivery, then make telephone calls to all local propane suppliers to learn what other local suppliers are charging for propane for water heating uses.  Learn more about checking your propane price at Frequently Asked Propane Pricing Questions.

One important point to take away from this post is propane prices can be defined as ‘competitive’ only when a comparison is made between two or more prices that include similar uses.  In other words, comparing propane prices for two accounts, one using propane for home heating, cooking, clothes drying with the propane price being compared to a home that uses propane for cooking only.  While it is likely that the propane price will be higher for an account using propane for cooking only in this comparison, consumers should still make sure his or her propane price per gallon is competitive when compared to the price other suppliers charge accounts using propane for cooking only.