Summer Fill Propane Prices

The fall season has arrived.  While we have passed the historically warmer months for most of the country, some warmer days remain through the fall season.  Cold weather is almost here!

Many home heating propane consumers are approached by propane suppliers during the summer months offering special summer fill propane prices.  For the most part, the time of year has passed for propane consumers to take advantage of summer fill propane prices.  However, for home heating propane customer that are still undecided regarding a propane supplier for the upcoming winter, some propane suppliers may be open to the idea of offering a summer fill propane price (or a price per gallon similar or close to the suppliers summer fill propane prices) if it resulted in adding another new customer for winter propane service.

Keep this in mind when discussing propane service with multiple suppliers with the goal of selecting a supplier for the upcoming winter season.  If the supplier offered you an attractive propane pre-buy program, with the incentive of filling the tank the first time at summer fill propane prices – it may make sense to work with the supplier open to offering such a creative ‘hybrid-propane-pricing’ program.  Winter propane service is the very profitable time of year for most propane suppliers.  With propane pricing currently low – a little creativity to add a new customer may result in a mutually agreeable situation between a supplier and a new customer.

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