Summer Propane Barbecue Season is Almost Here! Got Propane?

Summer propane barbecue season is almost here.  Many folks can hardly wait until the weather allows them to get outside and heat-up their barbecue.  Ribs, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs and other goodies are wonderful when prepared on a propane barbecue!

Got propane?  During the summer propane barbecue season, your barbecue will likely need several propane refills during the warmer months – when the weather is perfect.

The two common ways to obtain a barbecue propane tank refill include refilling your current empty propane tank at a propane refilling station or exchanging your empty propane tank for a full propane tank.

Barbecue Propane Safety: Make sure that your propane tank is safe: (1) The tank structure is safe, (2) the brass fittings are not damaged and function properly and (3) the propane tank is NOT OVERFILLED beyond the designed capacity.  An overfilled propane tank can be extremely dangerous! 

Ask the propane dealer if each propane tank is filled by weight to ensure that each sold or exchanged propane tank is filled to the safe maximum level using a scale to determine the weight to ensure the precise quantity in each tank. If you have any concerns regarding the level of propane in your tank, ask the dealer to recheck the weight of your tank to ensure that it is safe before loading it in your vehicle for the return trip home.

When preparing to transport your newly refilled or newly exchanged propane tank back to your home, take a moment to ask the technician that filled or exchanged your propane tank about safely transporting the propane tank back to your home in your vehicle.  Take a moment to review the safety decals on the side of the propane tank to ensure that you are aware of all the safety measures to be followed when transporting a propane tank.

The only thing more important than properly barbecuing food is following all of the safety measures when handling propane fuel.   Propane safety is extremely important!