Wholesale Propane Price Summary Nov 2015

We periodically research and post information pertaining to wholesale propane price information for our website visitors based on EIA data.  Below you will find a listing of approximate wholesale propane price changes between the weeks of November 9, 2015 and November 16, 2015 for the fifteen states and U.S categories that are available through the EIA database.

When viewing the information below and comparing to the changes in retail propane pricing for similar dates, please note that it is generally not accurate attempting to align wholesale propane prices and retail propane prices by date as an ‘exact science’.  The reason being that time lapses generally occur while existing propane inventory is delivered, wholesale inventories are typically depleted quickly during the winter season and existing wholesale inventory is likely blended with deliveries of new wholesale propane product – making it impossible to extract and align current wholesale propane pricing with current retail propane pricing.  Other factors not listed may also impact the wholesale and retail propane prices adding to the difficulty in determining exact propane pricing on specific dates into the future.

However, it is generally useful to review changing retail and wholesale propane pricing histories over several weeks to gain an understanding of the recent directional trend of both wholesale and retail propane prices.  For example, if you view the data and wholesale propane prices are showing a pattern of decreasing over three to four weeks, and your retail propane pricing (not on a fixed propane pricing plan) are increasing over the same time period, you may wish to contact your propane supplier for and explanation.  If you are not comfortable with the propane suppliers explanation, it may make sense to consider contacting other local propane suppliers and with the goal of changing to a new supplier.

Appx. Wholesale Propane Pricing (EIA) between November 09, 2015 and November 16, 2015

United States Average     Nov-09: 52.8/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 49.0/cents/gal.

New Jersey Average     Nov-09: 69.5/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 66.1/cents/gal.

New York Average     Nov-09: 64.8/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 59.8/cents/gal.

Pennsylvania Average     Nov-09: 62.2/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 57.9/cents/gal.

North Carolina Average     Nov-09: 53.3/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 49.5/cents/gal.

Virginia Average     Nov-09: 65.8/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 57.8/cent/gal

Illinois Average     Nov-09: 43.1/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 42.1/cents/gal.

Indiana Average     Nov-09: 51.6/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 49.8/cents/gal.

Iowa Average     Nov-09: 50.2/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 45.9/cents/gal.

Kansas Average     Nov-09: 47.1/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 42.6/cents/gal.

Minnesota Average     Nov-09: 50.7/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 46.5/cents/gal

Missouri Average     Nov-09: 52.5/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 48.8/cents/gal.

Nebraska Average     Nov-09: 48.3/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 44.1/cents/gal.

North Dakota Average     Nov-09: 39.1/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 37.4/cents/gal.

Ohio Average     Nov-09: 55.3/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 52.2/cents/gal

South Dakota Average     Nov-09: 49.9/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 45.7/cents/gal.

Wisconsin Average     Nov-09: 52.5/cents/gal.      Nov-16: 48.7/cents/gal.

Best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!