Wholesale Propane Prices Maintain Low Levels Late August 2015

We continue to monitor the Mont Belvieu, TX Propane Spot Price FOB as per the EIA.  The last wholesale propane price update that we provided represented approximately the third week in August 2015.  The price at that time was 37.7/cents/gal.

Mont Belvieu is showing a price per gallon of 35.6 as of August 24, 2015 as per the EIA.  We will monitor and report the same data for the beginning of September 2015 very soon.

Low wholesale propane prices generally translate to low retail propane prices for consumers.  However, as we have seen in the past, wholesale and retail propane prices can change rapidly.

As noted in recent postings, propane consumers should find very attractive propane prices for the winter of 2015/2016 compared to propane prices offered during recent winters.  Consumers occasionally find a wide range of supplier retail propane price offerings in the same market.  Be sure to contact all propane suppliers and compare supplier pricing before ordering home deliveries and making a commitment on a pre-buy propane purchase.    Checking propane prices frequently in a market with multiple propane suppliers and comparing your propane price with other propane home heating consumers in your area are the best ways to stay informed of local propane pricing in your area.