2015 Wholesale Propane Prices Maintain Low Levels Through Mid August

We have been monitoring the Mont Belvieu, TX Propane Spot Price FOB as per the EIA.  The last update that we provided was the first week of August 2015.  That price at that time was 36.4/cents/gal.  2015 wholesale propane prices maintain low levels which should equate to propane customer savings this coming winter compared to recent winter heating seasons.

Update: For the third week of this month, the Mont Belvieu price remains in the high 30 cents/gal. range.  Specifically, the EIA is reporting 37.7 cents/gal.

Propane home heating customers should be pleasantly surprised when they consider a fixed propane price per gallon program (i.e. propane pre-buy) with a local propane supplier during the summer/fall of 2015.

Important Point: Propane prices can vary SIGNIFICANTLY between local propane suppliers.  Always contact multiple propane suppliers in your area to compare propane prices before accepting each propane delivery.  You may find that other local propane suppliers are currently charging 20 cents, 50 cents, 80 cents or a dollar per gallon less than the delivery price per gallon that your current supplier is planning to charge you for your pending delivery.  Learning that your propane price is too high and not competitive BEFORE a delivery has been completed gives a propane customer better leverage to discuss your current suppliers quoted propane price versus discussing the propane price AFTER the delivery arrives.