Wholesale Propane Prices: Late September 2015

We have been monitoring the propane price index Mont Belvieu (as per EIA) as we enter the cooler fall season.  We posted information for late August 2015.  At that time, Mont Belvieu was showing a propane price per gallon value in the mid to high 30 cents per gallon range.

As of late September 2015, we are observing that the Mt.. Belvieu propane price has increased by approximately 10 cents per gallon.  As of September 28, 2015, the price per gallon is approximately 47 cents per gallon.

While propane prices are still attractive for consumers this year compared to recent fall seasons, propane consumers should protect themselves from propane price gouging by carefully conducting a local propane price comparison survey before each delivery to ensure that each delivery is priced in a competitive range.

We will continue monitoring propane prices and post relevant information for our website visitors as we enter the cold winter months of 2015-2016.